We’ve reached 400K plays! Incremental Epic Hero

Incremental Epic Hero has reached 400K plays

2020.05.25 (Official Launch : 2020.04.15 01:00 am (JST) )

Hi, this is Hitan. 🙂
Thank you all so much for the support!

We’ve reached 400K plays!

I am very grateful. IEH was just born! It’s still a baby!
I’m so looking forward to the further growing in the future.

On top of that…

We are already top eight of most plays in this year in Kongregate! Thank you all again.


The comments from Hapiwaku members

Read the comments!! We’ve got the comments from Hapiwaku members. I previously posted those from the artists of IEH.

The comment from RIO

Then, this is the first time to introduce RIO to you all.
She is my cousin who is two years older than me!

Useually, I call her “RIO o-nee-san”.
RIO is very active person. from now she is traveling around the world. She spent time in other country when she was a child. And she used to work in beauty industry with one of the biggest company. After that, she went aboard to study.

She is a bilingual speaker. So we asked for help sometimes so far.

Let you know that, RIO named “Incremental Epic Hero”!

Currently, She has been translating English to Japanese for Japanese version of IEH. We are planning to make IEH so popular and famous in Japan too!

In the near futer, she will be a part of us to talk to you all with Discord and this website!!

Here is the message from RIO!

Cheers! I am so proud of IEH. Thank you all of you to play IEH.
I look forward to making more content, and sharing many more happiness with you all in the future. I’ve got some big plan/surprises that I’m excited to shear with you all this year.
Thank you all again ARIOGATO!!

Current Development

We have been still working hard for the next Major Update REINCARNATION!

please wait for us 🙂

Thank you all so mush for the support.

Enjoy our game!



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