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photo of RIO in Canada

What’s up guys! This is RIO. I’m gonna tell you who I am.

I work as a translator for Hapiwaku. I am happy to be part of this project. And I am so proud of  Hapiwaku members. Over the project  I’ve leant many lessons about dream, love, family, life. I’ve grown a lot because of these lessons. 

Let me talk about myself. I am 25, I used to move to other country a lot. Because of my parent’s job. I lived Tanzania and Kenya for long time. I went international school and Japanese school in both countries. But still… I am Japanese. Because I moved to Japan when I was a primary school as I remember. So I’ve grown with Japanese culture. Over that period, I’ve completely lost my English which was mistake. Because NOW I need English for my job.

Long story short.
I quit my goddamn job after my dad passed away. My dad was pretty busy person always work in other country. Even thought on my birthday. But I loved him so mush. And I was so proud of him who worked for around the world. 
I strongly needed to catch some connections with my dad. After all, I went abroad to study English again. And try to understand who I really want to be.
So here I am, traveling the world. I am a traveler and travel blogger.

Moreover, Hapiwaku gave me a job as a translator which is super cool.

Those are my stories about past. 

In the near future, I’m going to be a university student in Netherlands. I’ve never been university. So this is my first time to entry to university. I’m am so exciting to study there. 

Dream come true, just you said. Hapiwaku ✿

Thank you.

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