RESULTS! The 1st Challenge Competition Octobaddie | May 29th, 2020 IEH Competition | Bonus Code

New Challenge Boss Octobaddie Competition is over

2020.05.30 (Official Launch : 2020.04.15 1:00 am (JST) )

What’s up? This is RIO

The 1st Challenge Competition Octobaddie is over!

Thank you all that the competition went smoothly.

We are so happy to see all of your results!!

About achievement and reward

Those pictures are the ranking in 2020.05.29
Against those who we found out definitive proofs of cheating, we excluded them from this ranking.

Considering that IEH is a single player game, we’ve collected statistics of the ranking to decide achievements to give the rewards!

So, how high levels have you reached…?

We give the rewards depend on your “Max Level Reached” of Octobaddie.

You can receive the reward through Bonus Code!


  • Max Level Reached : over 30 – Rank 1-25 reward

– 10,000 Epic Coins
– 3 Super Rebirth Ticket
– 2 Instant Rebirth Upgrade Ticket
– 1 Reset Rebirth Upgrade Ticket
– 100,000 Monster Fluid

Bonus Code : “IEHoctobaddie30”
  • Max Level Reached : over 3 – Rank 26-100 reward

– 2,500 Epic Coins
– 1 Super Rebirth Ticket
– 1 Instant Rebirth Upgrade Ticket
– 1 Reset Rebirth Upgrade Ticket
– 50,000 Monster Fluid

Bonus Code : “IEHoctobaddie3”
  • Max Level Reached : over 1 – Rank 101- reward

– 500 Epic Coins
– 1 Reset Rebirth Upgrade Ticket
– 5,000 Monster Fluid

Bonus Code : “IEHoctobaddie1”

You CAN get all the rewards if you achieve all.

Deadline of pickup period

Untill 06:00 pm (JST) on Friday , June 26th, 2020.
Be careful! over that day, the Bonus Code will be NOT available.

Remember, you are able to get each reward until the deadline, even if you defeat Octobaddie in the last day of deadline. So don’t give up until last day!!

Thank you so much for all of your hard work! 🙂


More info about Reincarnation

Hi! This is Hitan 🙂

Thank you as always for playing IEH!

And so sorry for the delay of the Major Update, Reincarnation.
We are now trying hard to complete it!

I hope we can release it next week!

So please wait for a bit more, thank you.

Spirit Essence Factors

I’ll introduce a part of information about Reincarnation (Prestige Tier 2)

There are two kinds of currencies that you can gain and use through Reincarnation. Heart Stone and Spirit Essence.

When you carry out Reincarnation, you can buy the special upgrades that make a wonderful difference to the game proceed with those powerful currencies!

For example, new skills for each class with Heart Stone, and Drop Slot + X, Loot Quantity + X, Further Gold Cap Expansion and so on with Spirit Essence.

Heart Stones are awarded basically 1 per Reincarnation, while Spirit Essence earned is based on various factors from your current reincarnation.

You can gain Spirit Essence (SE) by following factors!

  • Play Time ( Max almost 2 months )
  • Number of Rebirth Times ( Max 1000 times )
  • Equipment Evolution Times ( uncapped, The higher rank gives the more SE )
  • Slime Bank Cap ( uncapped )
  • Total Materials gathered so far ( uncapped, The more expensive one gives the more SE )
  • Max Class Level Reached ( uncapped, Only for the FIRST reincarnation, the level at the time of the first reincarnation is effective, instead of the max reached. I regret to say that it is because we haven’t saved the max reached levels so far. )
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???


So until the Reincarnation is released, I recommend to play and enjoy IEH with aiming for those SE factors 🙂

Anyway, thank you for all your support for us!

We keep hard to make IEH more and more fun!

Thank you.



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