New Patch [Ver.] REINCARNATION 2020.06.07 | Incremental Epic Hero

Reincarnation is now in IEH!!!


This is Hitan! As you know, I am a head of Incremental Epic Hero project!

Thank you for waiting for a long long time…


We finally implemented Reincarnation ( the Prestige Tier 2 ) !

I will introduce Reincarnation and some other stuffs in the new patch this time too!


After you cleared Area 5-4, the new Special Challenge Boss is unleashed!

The evil and mysterious shaped… Montblango!

He is a kind of chestnut.
I don’t think you basically can defeat him due to his crazy DEF/MDEF.

There is a way to weaken him… though I cannot tell you here.
By the way, Japanese often love to eat roasted chestnuts 🙂

After defeating him, you gain Heart Stone, which leads to REINCARNATON.

Reincarnation will reset EVERYTHING except these:

  • Monster Captures
  • Dark Ritual Gems
  • Mission Milestone
  • Epic Store Stuffs

However, in exchange, there are two kinds of currencies that you can gain and use through Reincarnation. Heart Stone and Spirit Essence.

When you carry out Reincarnation, you can buy the special upgrades that make a wonderful difference to the game proceed with those powerful currencies!

For example, new skills for each class with Heart Stone, and Drop Slot + X, Loot Quantity + X, Further Gold Cap Expansion and so on with Spirit Essence.

Heart Stones are awarded basically 1 per Reincarnation, while Spirit Essence earned is based on various factors from your current reincarnation.

You can gain Spirit Essence (SE) by following factors!

  • Play Time ( Max almost 2 months )
  • Max Class Level Reached ( uncapped, Only for the FIRST reincarnation, the level at the time of the first reincarnation is effective, instead of the max reached. I regret to say that it is because we haven’t saved the max reached levels so far. )
  • Number of Rebirth Times ( Max 1000 times )
  • Equipment Evolution Times ( uncapped, The higher rank gives the more SE )
  • Slime Bank Cap ( uncapped )
  • Total Materials gathered so far ( uncapped, The more expensive one gives the more SE )
  • Montblango ( uncapped, + 200 per 1 kill )
  • Mission ( enabled after the first Reincarnation )
  • Previous

Don’t forget to buy Heart Upgrades and Spirit Upgrades BEFORE reincarnation!

After reincarnation, your new story of IEH begins!

Now the skill proficiency can see the light of day!
For leveling up new skills, skill proficiency is far more important than investing resources.

Added: Mission for Spirit Essence and Heart Stone

After reincarnation, you can try again the missions cleared previously!
You can gain Spirit Essence from them!

Also, you can gain 1 Heart Stone every 1000 mission clears! 🙂

Added: New Epic Store Stuffs

Expand Skill Set + 1 (QoL 4)

Expand Skill Set + 1 enables another Skill Set to set up!
You can easily switch your multiple skill setups with “Shift-Tab-1”, “Shift-Tab-2” and so on!

Skill Set Save through Rebirth (QoL 4)

Enables to save your Skill Set for each class!
Just after rebirth, your Skill Set will be loaded so that you don’t need set up the skills again. The Skill Sets which are expanded by “Expand Skill Set” are also saved and loaded!

Auto Nitro Boost (QoL 4)

Auto Nitro Boost enables to hit “N” key on Nitro to automatically activate Nitro Boost when nitro is at max charge!

Added: Convenient Hotkeys!

  • “Shift-L” to enable/disable Loot Logs
  • “Shift-P” to turn on/off Performance Mode
  • “Shift-T” to enable/disable all Tool-tips
  • “Shift-B” to enable/disable all attack animations in the battle field


Fixed: You couldn’t gain Epic Coins as a mission reward. Now your reward is restored that you were suppose to get!
Fixed: a lot of minor bugs. Thank you for reporting!

In Active Development

This update has almost introduced a reincarnation system, and there are still much more room to add a variety of stuffs! In the future, we plan to add more large-scale content! In the next update, the following will be added.

– New challenge boss
– Dungeoneering
– New skills
– Awakening…

Congratulations gift from artist!

Thank you so much for reading our Hapiwaku blog!

And, we are extremely happy that you enjoy our game.

Thank you all of you guys!!

So, we want to show you guys how happy we are.
One of our artist have prepared a gift for you guys. It’s a lovely drawing from Nohn-chan!!

Thank you all for your continuous support. Let’s keep in touch! We are so grateful for your supports and advices!!

RIO told me one of our player text us with discord.

“Don’t release a new patch on Sunday night. someone gotta sleep and prepare for work on Monday morning”

We are truly sorry about that…!!! But, at the same time, she felt like LOVE from this comment. I mean, our players are enjoying our game as long as they have a time!!

Thank you guys again.

And, good luck with your work. I hope work goes well for you today.

Then, please enjoy our game after your hard work!!


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