We’ve reached 500K plays! Incremental Epic Hero | Bonus Code

Incremental Epic Hero has reached 500K plays!!

We’ve reached 500K plays within two months!

2020.06.10 (Official Launch : 2020.04.15 01:00 am (JST) )

Hi, this is RIO 🐧
I am so happy to see 500K!!!! I mean… Really!?



I am speechless. All what I wanna say is THANK YOU ALL

I’m so looking forward to the further growing in the future more and more!

The comments from Hapiwaku members

Read the comments!! We’ve got the comments from Hapiwaku members. We previously posted those from the artists of IEH.

The comment from Kei and Misa-chan

Let me introduce them a little bit. Kei is the one of our developer. And, Misa-chan is his girlfriend. They live together, take care of each other, respect each other… yeah LOVE.

I KNOW, I am absolutely jealous of them. Because they seem like a perfect couple! does’t it!?

Why all couples here are so perfect!? Don’t you think so? Or am I the only one who is eating my cold breakfast alone..?

Here is the message from Misa-chan


I’am Kei’s girlfriend Misa-chan. This is my first time to write for blog. Nice to meet you.

How are you doing ? Are you guys enjoying our game?
I KNOW you guys are enjoying more than I know. But I just wanna ask you!

Thank you for all of your support. Actually I did few things for this game. But, I helped my boyfriend Kei to be comfy to create the game.

Cook meals, cleaning our room. What I really love was that Hapiwaku created a game from scratch. Isn’t it beautiful. I  felt like it was some kind of magic.

We all put love into this game. We enjoy creating this game.

I HAVE TO SAY that we couldn’t create this game without players who support this game. Thank you very much all of you players!!

This is just a beginning. We are planing to develop more and more!!

We all promise you that we give you enjoyable contents a lot!

Wait for us it’s coming soon💓

And, Here is the message from Kei

Hello, Thank you for always playing the IEH!

Thanks to everyone, we were able to achieve 500,000 plays!

We are considering introducing dungeon modifications, area prestige, and pet systems in future updates. Furthermore, after improving the quality of our game, we are thinking of releasing it on Steam. We’ll be adding more content to entertain you, so stay tuned!

Bonus Code!

As you all expect… there is a gift bonus code for our beautiful people!!!
Thank you for 500K!!!

The bonus code is “IEHhapiwakuJune”

500 Epic Coin, 500 Monster Fluid and 50 Red Chili!
I know Red Chili will help you proceed the game just after reincarnation 🙂

Thank you all so mush for the support.

BTW… How is Reincarnation!? Hopefully you all enjoy it! As y’all know, I am always reading your comments lol

Enjoy our game! And, Please stay safe.


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