New Patch [Ver.] New Skills and Area 7 Missions! 2020.06.26 | Incremental Epic Hero

BIG UPDATE [ver.] has come!


This is Hitan! 🙂

We are so thrilled that you all love IEH and We appreciate all of you for playing!!

sorry for making you wait!

The big update [ver.] has come!


Earthquake : the 2nd reincarnated warrior skill

Magical Combo : the 2nd reincarnated wizard skill

Balanced Wings : the 2nd reincarnated angel skill

All of them are very powerful skills!

Added: Passive Effect for Spirit Skills

We added Passive Effect to the reincarnation skills!
Class Spirit has great increasing of Spirit Essence Gain! They are effective for retro actively too (within a reincarnation). So it is now beneficial to long run reincarnation 🙂

Added: New Missions for Area 7

The new missions for area 7 is now in the game!
So you can now reach the 300 mission Milestone!

Added: New Mission Milestone

We added 2 more mission Milestone for 225 and 275!
With 275 mission Milestone, you can equip even the current class’s skills (except for reincarnation skills) in Global Skill Slot!

Added: Gold Cap Breakdown

Added: Queue Indicator on upgrade icons

Added: New QoL Stuffs in Epic Store

Multi Level Up Skills (QoL 4)

Enable to hit “M” key to automatically level up multiple skills at the same time!

Super Queue Memory (QoL 4)

Allows for Super Queue assignments to be preserved through Rebirth, including Slime Bank!


Added: Highlight the system button when local save EC bonus is available
Added: “Current Level” of the challenge boss in the tooltip for tinctures
Added: Made Auto Progress in Explorable Area automatically toggle on after a rebirth

Fixed: You couldn’t use Reset Spirit Upgrade Ticket even though having tickets
Fixed: Stances now persist through rebirth with Epic Store QoL “Skill Set Save through Rebirth”
Fixed: “Milestone” is changed to “Bestiary” and deleted except for HP
Fixed: Other minor bugs. (Thank you for reporting!)

About the Octobaddie contest reward

The reward of Lv 30 Octobaddie still remains and the others (Lv1, Lv3) are over in this patch.

So you can receive the Lv 30 reward anytime you defeat Lv 30 Octobaddie.

Thank you for supporting us!

Thank you again for enjoying IEH! 🙂

We are trying hard to add the new stuffs and test them a lot to make IEH more and more fun forever!

We also appreciate you all for reporting bugs and suggesting wonderful ideas!

We check and consider all of them and will implement as much as possible!

Anyway, thank you all again!!!


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