Incremental Epic Breakers Beta version

Thank you for playing IEB!



Thank you for playing our Incremental Epic Breakers!!!

This is Hitan 🙂 one of the developers of IEB.
Our first game Incremental Epic Hero (IEH) are so much played by a lot of wonderful players! Thank you too for it!

I’m 23, a Japanese university student. This website “Happy Wakuwaku Project”, or “Hapiwaku”, is made originally only with my sweet wife, Wakana, to expand our full of happiness and excitement to the world.

“Happy” is happy.
“Wakuwaku” is a Japanese language which means “exciting” or something like feelings that you look forward to the future of miracles.

After starting our first game IEH, Hapiwaku Project has become bigger and bigger with a lot of people! My family, my friends and you wonderful supporters in the world!

This time, Incremental Epic Breakers (IEB) are developed by my high school friends Suguru, Koga, Tanaka and me.
All of them are novice programmers but do love games.

We all make our “Wakuwaku” into IEB!
This is still beta version, which needs a lot of improvements, test plays and feedback!

We are so happy that you join our project and let your “Wakuwaku” into IEB, too!

Thank you again 🙂



Thank you for playing IEB!
I’m Suguru, one of the IEB developers. I joined “Hapiwaku Project” through this work!

I am 24-year-old university student and studying programming for the first time for my graduation studies. I started developing mobile apps a year ago, but it was difficult and I experienced a failure. I was keenly aware of the immaturity of my skills.

At this time, my high school friend Hitan invited me to this project. Opportunity for growth! I wanna join it! I answered immediately. Three months have passed since then, and this is how the IEB beta version has been released.

We will continue to update and enrich the content for IEB, so I will make further efforts for development. Your feedback on Discord etc. will be of great help to us. Let’s make IEB much fun together for the official release!

Thank you.



Thank you for playing IEB!!

I’m Koga, one of the developers of IEB.
Most Japanese associate my last name, “Koga” with “Ninja”. It is said that “Koga Ninja” existed in ancient Japan.
Some of my friend call me “Ninja”, so feel free to call me “Ninja” if you want to.

IEB is my first attempt making a game. My programing skill is still immature, so I’m studying through making this game.
I believe IEB will be much more fun with your great feedback. I hope you will enjoy playing IEB!

Thank you!!



Hi, I’m Tanaka.

It was my first time making a game, so I helped the rest of the team while learning what I needed to know. I think this game gets more and more fun the more you play it. I hope you enjoy IEB.
Thank you.




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