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New Idle Game “Incremental Epic Breakers” Official Launch on!!!




Hi! This is Hitan from Hapiwaku Project 🙂

I think that there are many people who are new to me, so I would like to briefly introduce myself again!

I’m a 23-year-old graduate student of Keio University in Japan.
I married my wife Wakana last year, who is 19 years older than me. Then I have a 17-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter.

I’m engaged in game production and management, especially Idle/Incremental games, which are still unfamiliar in Japan.

KEI and Tomikazu, my best friends at university, and me created our first idle game, Incremental Epic Hero and released it on in April 2020, and in September.

Incremental Epic Hero, commonly known as IEH, recently achieved one million plays on! Thank you very much!

One million plays on!

Almost all of the drawings like characters, monsters, items, backgrounds, etc. used in IEH are drawn by my daughter Aru-chan! In addition, my wife Wakana and my sister Nohn also support her for drawings 🙂
IEH is a work full of love, made by hapiwaku family ✨

Hapiwaku means “happy” and “exciting” in Japanese word 😀

Incremental Epic Breakers

Today December 11, 2020,

The new idle game Incremental Epic Breakers has been released on!

Incremental Epic Breakers (IEB)

This game has been developed mainly by a team of four people, Suguru, Koga, Tanaka, and me, who are new members of Hapiwaku! All four are middle school and high school classmates 🙂

IEB project started in July this year, and the beta version was released in September.

Despite the beta version, many people played it and we received a lot of feedback! Thank you very much.

Based on those feedbacks, the official version of IEB, which has been greatly improved, has been completed and released!

A detailed explanation of the game content will be introduced later in another article!

IEB is the culmination of the programming skills I have cultivated for a year and is also a work filled with the “happiness” and “excitement” of all the developers!

We ourselves are enjoying this game to the fullest. We were so enthusiastic about developing and playing games that we forgot the time to eat and sleep, and all the development team enjoyed working on the production. Because it is a game made in that way, I believe that you all will surely enjoy it so much!

The Developers of IEB

Though this game already has a lot of volume, we will continue to update it and make it even more wonderful! ✨
Your message and support are really encouraging to us! Thank you very much.

For those who are also playing IEH, I’m sorry that the frequency of updating has been delayed for a while. Through the development of IEB, I myself have improved my skills dramatically, so I will continue to devote myself to further improving the quality of IEH too! Stay tuned for future IEH updates! ✨

The followings are message from our developers!

After the message, we have listed the Bonus Code that you can get the premium items in IEB! Please check it out!



Thank you for playing IEB.

I’m Suguru, one of the IEB developers.
It has been almost three months since the beta version of IEB was released. The game has been much improved by the addition of a lot of new content.

If you’re new to the game, please join our Discord. We would like to get some feedback and expand the community more.

As a developer involved in the development of IEB since the beginning, I’ve watched the growth of the IEB. At the beginning of the beta version, IEB was a game which you just upgrades the efficiency of destroying blocks, and advances to the higher tiers.  A major goal of the new IEB is to advance the new content, Challenge.

Challenge is a kind of tower defense, where you have to defend your base from monsters. There is also an element of RPG such as the equipping of weapons in the latter part of the game. The goal is not only to strengthen the red ball, but also to strengthen the base and defeat the monster.

Compared to the beta version, there are many more thought-provoking parts that have made the world of IEB more interesting. Our team has worked hard together to officially release IEB in six months. I hope all of you enjoy this game a lot.



Hello! I’m Koga, one of the developers of IEB.
This time, the official launch of IEB has been decided! I’m mainly in charge of game design. I spent a lot of time making the title screen and various icons. I hope the icons will make this game wonderful. When you complete the Achievements, you can see all of the icons in this game. I strongly recommend that you try to complete the Achievements!


In addition, one of the biggest attractions of this game is the game system. There could be more than one correct answer due to the influence of multiple factors on one element. I think that you can enjoy this game even more by exchanging your opinions with other players, Craft arrangement, Spirit Allocation and so on. The volume has been increased from the beta version, and it has become much fun, so please play and enjoy it!



I’m Tanaka, one of the developers of IEB.
Even after the game was “completed” we kept adding more and more factors to it, and we ended up with an even bigger game than we had originally imagined.

When I started getting involved in this block breaking game, I never dreamed (and probably the other three didn’t either) that an RPG-like monster fighting and equipment system would be implemented. If you follow your intuition and increase the abilities, you’ll eventually be able to advance the game simply by leaving it alone. Even the basic button presses to accelerate the ball may be unnecessary. In other words, it’s a very easy game in a way. But there are also difficult tasks that are just barely surmountable with active strategy.


I believe that this game will appeal to both those who enjoy playing games in their spare time and those who make it a daily hobby. We invite you to experience the world of IEB. We hope you will enjoy all the elements of the game.

Bonus Code

You can receive bonus items from the Bonus Code Button in SETTING page.

Bonus Code : “IEBhapiwaku”

The bonus code is “IEBhapiwaku” this time.

You will receive 3,000 Epic Coin which is the premium currency. You can purchase premium stuffs in EPIC STORE.

I recommend you to try purchasing Premium Nitro Drink first, which make the game more wonderful 🙂


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