Patch Notes

Patch Notes

[ver.] Added Chinese! 2021.02.25

Added : Chinese Translation (Though it is still a part of the game so far we will add more in the future)
Fixed : Display bugs and typos

[ver.] Hotfix 2021.02.24

Fixed : Hidden Mission Milestone for 300 now works
Fixed : Curse “Explorer’s Nightmare” display bug

[ver.] MAJOR UPDATE STEAM LAUNCH !!! 2021.02.23

Added : Hidden Areas, which is unleashed when you complete Area 8-1
Added : Hidden Mission Milestone Added : New Curse “Explorer’s Nightmare”
Added : New Curse “Metal Curse”
Added : New Epic Store Stuffs in Ambition 3
Added : Cloud Save comes back again!
Added : New BGM! (So please turn it on again :D)
Added : Japanese Translation! (Currently, only a few part of them are translated, but future updates will do rest of all)
Balanced : Banana is now available for monsters only when your DPS exceeds 1% of their HP.
Balanced : Buffed Fox Coat in Craft
Balanced : Buffed Iron Hero Sword in Craft
Balanced : Divine Stance damage increasements is reduced at lv 1500 and above
Fixed and Balanced : Area 8-8 Mission
Fixed : Scale Ring bug
Fixed : Removed Skill Level Cap
Fixed : Favorite Equip display
Fixed : Mission Milestone 375 and 384
Fixed : Hold wing’s stance check triggered on activation allowing multiple activations per second through repeated clicks
Fixed : Dodge text now counts as a damage text (you can now disable dodge text too)
Fixed : Negative Reputation Increasing by Reincarnation Upgrade
Fixed : Other minor bugs

[ver.] 2020.10.20

Fixed : Now Distortion Slime level isn’t taken over through reincarnation
Balanced : When in Curse of Poverty, all items are 1 Gold price
Fixed : Other minor bugs

[ver.] 2020.10.15

Added : 6 new curses with level 2 unlocked!
Added : Area 8 (PlaceHolder. Please try it when you are unbelievably strong)
Added : Mission Milestone 325, 350, 375, 384
Added : Addition of an indicator on an area portrait when all missions have been cleared once
Added : New Epic Store stuff
– Extra Equipment Slot
– Favorite Crafts.
Added: Bonus Code “IEHhapiwakuOctober”
Balanced : some of missions in area 7 is replaced to another ones
Balanced : nerf distortion slime
Balanced : Now skills are available without cooldown at first
Balanced: Staff Attack is now MAGICAL damage
Fixed : Angel Class Passives not activating correctly
Fixed : Other a lot of minor bugs

[ver.] 2020.09.27

Added: Tincture for Distortion Slime (in Alchemy and Epic Store)
Added: Bonus Code “IEHhapiwakuSeptember”
Fixed: Shift-L/B is now sticking after rebirth
Fixed: Alchemy cost of Rainbow Fish bugs
Fixed: Challenge Re-Try Box always ticked
Fixed: The mission completion status for missions on zone 7-6 and 7-8
Fixed: Curse of Monster Fluid bugs
Fixed: Display bugs of Slime Orphan Donation
Fixed: Repeatable quests bugs
Fixed: Earthquake passive effects to reduce timer now work
Fixed: Reported typos

[ver.] 2020.09.18

Fixed : Slime Bank Cost was messed up when you select MAX button
Fixed : Dark Matter is also carried over curse of reincarnation
Fixed : Mystery Death when you fight against Distortion Slime
Fixed : Other minor bugs
Balanced : the goal of Curse MF is more difficult but more rewarding
Balanced : Changed behavior of Bargain SE upgrades beyond level 200
Balanced : Monster Fluids Bundle is renewal

[ver.] 2020.09.12

Added : Curse Of Reincarnation
Added : New S Rank Equipments!

[ver.] 2020.08.01

Added: 3 New Reincarnation Skills
Added: Equipment is now saved and loaded through rebirth (Exceeding the maximum number of Equipment are removed in order from rank A)
Added: Tooltip on Active Skills
Added: HP Regen MP Regen in statbreakdowns
Added: Links to “Hapiwaku Website”, “Discord”, “Twitter” and “Wiki” in the title screen
Added: Bonus Code “IEHhapiwakuJuly”
Rebalanced: Block Lost MP is reduced per level after reaching the block cap ( 30% / Block Lv 290 )
Fixed: Minor bugs

[ver.] 2020.06.26

Added: 3 New Reincarnation Skills
Added: Passive Effect for Spirit Skills (reincarnation skills)
Added: New Missions for Area 7
Added: New Mission Milestones
Added: Gold Cap Breakdown in stat breakdowns
Added: Highlight the system button when local save EC bonus is available
Added: Queue Indicator on upgrade icons
Added: “Current Level” of the challenge boss in the tooltip for tinctures
Added: Made Auto Progress in Explorable Area automatically toggle on after a rebirth
Added: Super Queue is now saved/load when open/close the game
Added: New Epic Store QoL stuffs
– Multi Level Up Skills (QoL 4)
– Super Queue Memory (QoL 4)

Fixed: You couldn’t use Reset Spirit Upgrade Ticket even though having tickets
Fixed: Stances now persist through rebirth with Epic Store QoL “Skill Set Save through Rebirth”
Fixed: “Milestone” is changed to “Bestiary” and deleted except for HP
Fixed: Other minor bugs. (Thank you for reporting!)

Contest Reward: The reward of Lv 30 Octobaddie remains and the others (Lv1, Lv3) are over. So you can receive the Lv 30 reward anytime you defeat Lv 30 Octobaddie.

[ver.] 2020.06.15

Added: Local Save Bonus 30 Epic Coins every 3 hrs playtime
Added: Two new quests which reward is Spirit Essence after the first reincarnation.
– One is for exploring beyond Area 5 (Normal)
– Another is for defeating Octobaddie (Repeatable)
– Also, the quests which reward is Epic Coin were changed to Spirit Essence after the first reincarnation
Rebalanced: Auto-expand alchemy threshold now remains through reincarnation.
Rebalanced: Montblango green cast now triggers every 5 casts
Fixed: Nitro Charger in the battle field was moved
Fixed: Slime King Blessing
Fixed: Prestige Bargain for Global Skill Slot

[ver.] 2020.06.12

Added: Reset Spirit Upgrade Ticket (“Unlimited” in Epic Store)
Added: Instant Spirit Upgrade Ticket (“Unlimited” in Epic Store)
We give 1 Instant Spirit Upgrade Ticket to all players in this patch. We regret to say that there were bugs with Spirit Essence (SE) and some people purchased unfair levels of Spirit Upgrades. In this patch we reset all of the Spirit Upgrade levels and return a fair amount of SE in this patch. Players who did not make use of this bug will be refunded the total amount of SE they had earned. Please use the given “Instant Spirit Upgrade Ticket” to purchase the Spirit Upgrades again! Thank you for understanding.
– Reset Mystery Upgrade, Monster Fluid Bundle, Nitro Max Charge are now in “Special 2” in Epic Store Fixed: Immortal Challenge Boss

Fixed: Display bug of EXP Statbreakdowns
Fixed: Display bug of Mission in Area2-8
Fixed: The effect of Slime King’s Blessing (Spirit Upgrade) is now activated

[ver.] 2020.06.11

Rebalanced: Spirit Essence from Playtime doubled after the first reincarnation.
Fixed: Display Bug of Reincarnation Time in the Spirit Essence Breakdowns.
Fixed: Display Bug of Angel Spirit Skill
Fixed: Happy Captures could capture Challenge Boss (now you cannot capture Challenge Boss and the unintentionally captured number is back to 0)
Fixed: Saving/Loading Stance for each class through Rebirth
Fixed: Reset Rebirth Upgrades
Fixed: Spirit Essence Replication (We regret to say that there were bugs with calculation of Spirit Essence so we rolled back the unintentional incremented SE to fair amount)

[ver.] 2020.06.10

Added: An indicator on the area portrait that indicates all missions are complete
Added: Display the Challenge Boss Level on its HP bar
Added: Display Nitro Charger in the battle field
Added: Numbers of Reincarnation as High Scores in Kongregate
Added: Automatically turn on the “Auto” on alchemy just after rebirth
Added: New Bonus Code for achievement of 500k plays!

Fixed: Unintentional Spirit Essence Points from Gathered Materials and Missions
Fixed: Made hotkeys work more accurately when you press the keys
Fixed: Immortal enemies when auto capture is activated
Fixed The tooltip of Knowledge of Alchemy Scroll
Fixed: Stance is now also saved and loaded through Rebirth for those who purchased Skill Set Save in Epic Store


– Added: Reincarnation (the Prestige Tier 2)
– Added: New QoL Stuffs in Epic Store
– Added: New Hotkey “Shift-L” to enable/disable loot logs
– Fixed: You couldn’t gain Epic Coins as a mission reward.
– Fixed: A lot of minor bugs… thank you for reporting!

[ver.] 2020.05.30

For the reward of the 1st Challenge Competition Octobaddie
– Added: Bonus Codes for reward
– Fixed: Required EXP for level up beyond lv 3871
– Fixed: Some typos
– Fixed: Some other minor bugs

[ver.] 2020.05.21

Fixed: the issue about losing save
– It was unintentionally cloud saved even when Title Screen
Fixed: the display issue of the “Octobaddie Level” High Scores
– It was showing 0 instead of 1 when you beat him for the first time
Fixed: removed Charge Swing damage cap of lv 400 or more
Fixed: Using “MAX” on Donate to the Slime Orphan Fund now stops when it reaches your max reputation!
Fixed: Dungeon7 was wrongly easier than Dungeon6
Fixed: challenge boss stats and confirm windows (like rebirth) now appears even when you disable tooltips by Shift-T

[ver.] 2020.05.20

Fixed: the evolution cost of Banana Cutter
– It was incorrectly duplicated Rotten Banana instead of Ripe Banana
Fixed: the timescale of the game
– It was unintentionally limited up to around 70 FPS
Fixed: some typos

[ver.] 2020.05.19

Added: new challenge boss “Octbaddie”
Added: new rank A equipments
Added: new Dark Ritual Gems
Added: new Epic Store stuffs
– Custom move speed (QoL 3)
– Super Queue for Slime Bank (QoL 3)
– Alchemy Lock (QoL 3)
– Alchemy Inventory expansion (Ambition 2)
Added: new alchemy for Octobaddie
Added: new hotkeys for comfortable game play
– “Shift + P” : to turn on/off performance mode
– “Shift + T” : to enable/disable all tooltips
– “Shift + B” : to enable/disable all attack animations in the battle field
Added worker power breakdown you can see by hovering slime in Dark Ritual

Rebalanced: Removed the cap of capturing chance, which was previously 90%

Fixed: Improved the game performance more
Fixed: Some UI refinements
Fixed: Using “MAX” on Donate to the Slime Orphan Fund now stops when it reaches your max reputation
Fixed: Alphabetized the Inventory items
Fixed: other reported bugs

[ver.] 2020.05.09

– Rebalanced : Buff Slime Collage Graduate in slime bank upgrade!
– Fixed : Equipment info bug
– Fixed : Equipment cost bug
– Fixed : Other minor bugs

[ver.] 2020.05.08

Added: Area 7 is now in the game.
Added: New QoL Upgrades in Epic Store
– Super Queue – use 5 upgrade queue slots on a Super Queue. Once assigned it will continue to purchase an upgrade provided that you have enough Gold!
– Favorite Area – allows you to designate a return point other than Area 1-1.
– Clear All Equipment – remove All EQ Button (mainly for NO EQ missions).
Added: Display the info on EQ about required material after evolution.
Added: Display the info on EQ about max cost for max upgrade.
Added: Shift-Right Click as a hotkey to remove queue from upgrades.
Added: Right-clicking a craftable item (potions, nets, etc.).
– This functions the same as mousing over and pressing “m” in that it tries to Buy Max

Fixed: Bonus Code error.
Fixed: Fox loot table has been corrected.
Fixed: Bestiary milestones all changed to grant bonus HP (with all milestones now working correctly)
– This change was necessary to prevent a massive rewrite of the bestiary fundamental code.
Fixed: Improved the game performance.
Fixed: Other minor bugs.

[ver.] 2020.05.02

Nitro Improvement!
– Time to reset drop slots has been cut in half while Nitro
– Dark Ritual Speed x2 while Nitro

– Added: Option in system for Slime Bank Queue which buys the upgrade just when SC is MAX
– Added: Bonus Code!
As a thank you of the 200,000 plays achievement, we’d give you some bonus!

– Fixed: Class Passive has sometimes wrongly no effect
– Fixed: Wizard Class Passive, Gain MP was also wrongly half
– Fixed: other minor bugs

[ver.] 2020.05.01

Class Passive Boosts based on Skill Passive Progress (Progress bar beneath the skill table)
– This will greatly boost the power of the Wizard Class!

Wizard Improvement
– We buffed Fire Ball and Lightning Thunder!
– Magical damage of Fire Ball is now increased a lot every 5 levels, which helps Wizard progression at the start of the game!
– Lightning Thunder’s damage has also been increased, and we have improved the attack area to be the same size as the entire battlefield with double the number of attacks!

Added: Missions for Area 6.
Added: Two more Global Skill slots.
Added: New backgrounds for Area 5 and 6.
Added: Separate placement of repeatable quests
Added: Loot Log inside Bestiary.
Added: Bestiary Loot time is now affected by Nitro.
Added: 1ML Alchemy Tier.
Added: Buffed Knowledge of Alchemy Scroll
Added: 3 New Slime Bank Upgrades and higher max Reputation level.
Added: Area Mastery bonuses for beyond 10,000 clears.

Fixed: More performance improvement.
Fixed: Cloud Save now saves automatically every 1 minute.
Fixed: Equipment Cost going negative.
Fixed: Typos in quests.
Fixed: Wrong notation bug (hopefully).
Fixed: Area 5-8’s difficulty being easier than 5-7.
Fixed: Bananoon’s stats have been adjusted.
Fixed: Monster Info pane transparency fixed to make capturing behind it easier.
Fixed: MP Cost of Meteor Strike costing 2x the intended amount.
Fixed: Bank Interest timer will now count down twice as fast while Nitro Boosted.
Fixed: Leaf production bug.
Fixed: Area 5-4 boss placement so that you can healthy capture.
Fixed: Local Save file name YY-MM-DD-24HR TIME
Fixed: Save Nitro (>1000) issue
Fixed: Other minor issues.

[ver.] 2020.04.23

– You can cloud save when you push “cloud save” button
– You can cloud load when you push “cloud load” button
– Automatically cloud save work every 10 mins
Fixed: Bug occurring when Bank Reputation was at MAX
Fixed: Boss Capture Chance being near impossible
Fixed: Scientific Notation: when gold is under billion displays like 100.0K
Fixed: Infinite Trap bug Fixed: Bug with Alchemy Knowledge scrolls
Fixed: Max button in Upgrade menu should no longer impact game performance.
Fixed: Other minor bugs and typos

Added: First Time Bonus for Epic Coin purchase
Epic Coin purchases now include a First Time Bonus! If you’ve previously made a Kred purchase, we have awarded you what you would have received from this bonus! These one-time purchases are available in the Bonus tab in the Epic Store!
Added: New Help Section for Capture Added: Hotkey to use all in Alchemy (U)
Added: Mystery Upgrade now shows in Log for 5 seconds
Added: Mystery Upgrade effect of STATS * [PlayerLevel(at the time) / 10] (only affects atk,matk,def,mdef,spd)
Added: New Epic Store Items
– Custom Combat Range in QoL3
– Autocast Active Skill in QoL3
– Starter Bundle in Bonus that’s geared for helping new players just starting out.
– Global Skill Slot Bundle in Bonus that unlocks a global skill slot and have bonus Epic Coins included.

– We fixed a major problem that was discovered with Rebirth that could cause negative points. This hotfix corrects that problem and awards all players a free Reset Rebirth Upgrade Ticket which will refund all spent Prestige Points to be reassigned. You can use it by pushing the “Reset” button in Rebirth tab.
– We fixed a reported cloud load bug that could cause loading another player’s file.

[ver.] 2020.04.21

– more Memory Usage Improvement
– Bug Fixed : Upgrades in bank, scientific notation displaying and other minor bugs

[ver.] 2020.04.21

– Memory Usage Improvement
– Added new options in System
— Scientific Notation Mode (like 12E34)
— Option to swap HUD display to Slime Coin instead of Gold
— Performance Mode (super high performance for idle playing)
– Added : Displaying FPS in system
– Fixed bugs and errors
— some quests’ requirement
— upgrades in slime bank
— black out error

[ver.] 2020.04.19

– Much improvement of the game performance!
We’ve finally successfully improved the game speed. We hope you will enjoy IEH with a high quality experience!
– Added : New alchemy stuffs, Nitro Generator
– Added : Displaying the effect of alchemy you used in the battle screen
– Rebalanced : Increased Monster Energy effect in alchemy (more + XX ml/s according to higher quality)
– Rebalanced : Increased Capturing Chance
– Rebalanced : Move Speed also x2 while Nitro Boost
– Rebalanced : Angel’s Heal effect (Casting speed is increased more effectively according to SPD)
– Rebalanced : Increased the reward of 3rd&4th Challenge Boss
– Bug Fixed : Upgrades in Slime Bank
– Bug Fixed : Traps
– Bug Fixed : Weakening Tincture for Fairy in Alchemy – Bug Fixed : typos and other minor bugs

[ver.] 2020.04.17

– Optimized memory

[ver.] 2020.04.16

– Bug Fixed : Effect of Bat Cloak and some other Equipment
– Bug Fixed : Some upgrades in Slime Bank
– Bug Fixed : Typos in some tool tips

[ver.] 2020.04.16

– Added : Missions for Area 5
– Bug Fixed : Equipment cost
– Bug Fixed : Quest clear condition and some typos
– Bug Fixed : Mission Milestone (Gold Cap + 1000)
– Bug Fixed : “only base attack” Mission

[ver.] 2020.04.15

– Bug Fixed : Resurrection Stance
– Bug Fixed : Other minor reported bugs and typo

[ver.] Official Launch 2020.04.15 1:00 am (JST)